Universal Testing Machine (UTM)

 Universal Testing Machine (UTM): It is a Machine by which tensile properties of Reinforcement are tested. Yield Strength, Ultimate tensile strength & Elongation of Reinforcement are obtained from this Machine. A computer is attached with the Universal Testing Machine. The tested data’s of UTM are transferred to this computer. Then the computer shows the graphical representation of Yield Strength, Ultimate Tensile Strength & Elongation of Reinforcement.

Bar Bending Mandrel

Bar Bending Mandrel: It is a machine by which some specific properties of Reinforcement are tested. The tests are Bend Test & Re-bend Test.


Mechanical Properties
Grades of SteelYield Strength (min/max)) Tensile Strength (min)Percent Elongation (min)
SCRM 500W TMT72,500/79,750psi83,375 psi16%
500/550 MPa575 MPa
SCRM G 40060,175 psi575 MPa16%
415 MPa90,045 psi
SCRM 30043,500 psi60,175 psi17%
300 MPa415 MPa