Rolling Mill

Rolling mill consists of 2 roughing stands driven by an ac slipring motor. The function here is to reduce the billet section primarily. The area is  reduced in 7 consecutive passes and the scale of the surface is dropped off.

Then the reduced area is subjected to further reduction in 2 intermediate passes before reaching the continuous stands where the final product is formed.

This product is passed through the TMT box for quenching in the case of making TMT 500W grade, otherwise bypassed to produce grade 300 or 400.

Figure 5: TMT Box

The finished product is cut into pieces very accurately by the flying shear and sent to the automatic rake type cooling bed to ensure minimum torsional stress. Finally the product is cut down by the cold shear and bundled for delivery.

Figure 6: Flying Shear
Figure 7: Automatic Rake Type Cooling Bed