Monday , 25 May 2015


    Introduction to Salam Steel Concast Re-Rolling Mills Pvt. Ltd. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. We have been engaged in production and marketing M.S product (Rod) for about 25 years till today. In this light we established Bikrampur Steel Mills as our first own mill. Just following this we established a Semi Auto Re-Rolling Mills named Salam Steel Re-Rolling Mills on 13-08-1998. We are the first to start journey of Auto Re-Rolling Mills in Bangladesh. Then we establish another Mill name Hazi Taher Ali Steel Industries Private Limited and established a power plant of 5 megawatt generation capacity. We are marketing products of it M.S 40G and M.S 60G for many days with reputation. In sequence, keeping pace with the present world we established a world class mill at the heart of Dhaka City in 2009 and started test production in February 2014. We started working for a Full Auto Continuous Re-Rolling Mill of latest technology named SCRM (Salam Steel Concast Re-Rolling Mills Private Limited) and the product is SCRM  TMT 500W 7 400W. Inshallah, in line of our experience of25 years  with your assistance this time also our products SCRM TMT 500W & 400W will win your satisfaction as previous. Because there was no compromise in its quality and it is world class product of latest technology, it is earth quake resistible, more than 30% saving, rust resistant and 100% refines steel. It is mentionable here that world class Billers are produced with our own CCM (Continous Casting Machine) after testing by Spectrometer of latest technology and SCRM TMT 500W & 400W are made of these Billets. Therefore, its quality and eminence is unchallenged. Read More »
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