Casting procedure

All SCRM products are made from continuously cast product. Continuous casting is the modern process that is used for increased production along with superior quality. Billets are more enriched in quality compared to ingots because of less slag inclusion and defects like piping
The hot metal discharged from the melting unit is taken to Continuous Casting Machine (CCM), where the temperature is measured again to ensure undisrupted casting. The slide gate system is opened and the metal starts to come out from the ladle.

Figure 2: Billet Stack
Figure 3: Ladle opening









The temporary reservoir for metal which is known as the tundish is filled up until a definite level of liquid is reached, then the openings of tundish are opened and the liquid metal starts to transfer itself to the oscillating mould tube. High quality mould flux is used to lubricate the copper mould tubes.

The mould tubes are cooled by primary water flow and the solidified billet strand is discharged from the bottom where a second phase of water cooling takes place.The billets are cut by hydraulic shearing machine and directly taken to the rolling mill.Almost 80% of the billets are hot rolled in SCRM

Figure 4: Casting